SPA3 Investor Original Signals

With the release of the new filtered SPA3 Investor signals, please be aware that you may currently hold positions that are no longer open per the adjustments to the methodology.

A buy signal that occurred prior has no longer occurred per the new filters, due to no buy signal the new system will not offer a sell signal unless the parameters are met while said security remains above the trailing stop.

Given that this is the case, I will be posting the sell signals for any of these instances that occur until all have transitioned; alternatively, should any buy signals for the below eventuate on the new system the stock(s) will be removed from the list as their sell signal would then display on the applications.

I will edit this post to always have the current up-to-date list of stocks still in this situation at the top as the first post.

Every post of mine or a colleagues’ following will be an update for any changes on a given day.

The current securities that have had buy signals, but are not open per the new system are:





Note: We will be keeping track per the day the mobile signals changed.

If you wish to find the signals yourselves, you can do so by following the guide in the email highlighting the new update. Alternatively see the bottom of the Resource Documents section in the education centre:

Sam, would it also be appropriate to now exit all our open buys that are not buys under the new methodology and just await new buy signals?

Hi Wakefield,

The public portfolio will wait for exit signals.

If you decide to do differently then it should be written into your investment plan should this situation or one similar occur in the future.

Sam, In addition to your list above, I also have BSX, QCOM,GOOGL and MSFT as open trades but not showing as open positions on the scans
should they not be added to your USA list of currently open positions which will not show sell signals and need to be notified to us when to be exited?

Hi Wakefield,

These were added the day following the initial post. Yes, there were some missing.

Buy Signal for MQG on new filtered system.

Sell signal for it will now occur in both systems.

MQG removed from original post.

23/1 (US Time) - US Buy Signals:


Trading on US time 25th Jan, HAE shows on the scan for that day’s trading, a Buy as a BAP on the morning of 26th. After scan of the 25th Jan, the Sentiment Indicator shows as 0
3 queries: 1) How does the BAP signal get generated when the Sentiment Indicator shows a value of 0?
2) If the time to buy a BAP is at Market Close, what happens if the stock at closing has risen above the BAP trigger price?
3) If you notice that HAE falls below the Action Price during the trading session on the 25th and the Sentiment Risk and Stock Filter are both on 1 from the 24th, does that constitute a valid entry signal?


  1. don’t have access to a computer atm to answer this.

  2. we are acting on the signal and can’t tell what the Close will be. So the trade MoC order is always placed. This is how the research was conducted and how the Simulator runs portfolios.

  3. yes, if you are executing intraday. You can write this into your Investment Plan

Thanks for that Gary.

Next problem: My phone scan on the app shows Citibank (C) as a buy for next trading session, but my laptop scan does not show it and looking at the chart all 3 criteria have been met and there is a buy signal on the chart. All other BAP’s from the app scan are the same as the laptop scan.

Thanks for the help today, Sam.
I think I found another issue. The scan on the App of today’s ASX produced a BAP on RHC, whereas the scan on my laptop RHC is absent. RHC closed today at $66.61
The chart on my laptop shows a buy signal with the action price as $66.42 The app says the action price is $66.77. Is the chart’s buy signal on the correct date or should it be 2 days later which would make the action price the same as the app?

I have the same results with RHC. I watched the weekly wrap today and the only changes on ASX were sell BSL and buy CBA …I own BSL and thought I must have missed the sell signal but have tried to run all variations of the scan and checked the app but can’t see a sell signal.

David, Sam, Gary
Any update on RHC. It did the same tonight - shows as a BAP on the app scan, and does not show on the laptop scan because on the chart it is not a BAP.

Boeing comes up as a BAP last night but clearly is not according to the chart.
It also came up on the app scan as a BAP.
Something is wrong somewhere!

Hi Phillip,

The app is still using both filters which is why the BAP for BA comes up. This will most likely change tomorrow when the update script to change the default parameters to Sentiment Risk = False, Stock Filter = True is released to all customers.

As a Beta user, you would’ve already received this script as a test run. Meaning your SPA3 Investor USA parameter values in Beyond Charts are most likely already set to False, True. This changes the ATR_BO signal on BA and explains why you aren’t seeing the BAP in BC.

It’s the same situation for RTX, if you notice that BAP signal in the app as well.

And also for RHC. Having both parameters as True (which is what the app is currently using) moves the ATR_BO 2 days later (Close Price $66.72), meaning there would be a BAP based on today’s close of $66.62

Hope that clarifies it for you and apologies for the confusion.


Hi Therese,

There was a mistake in the Weekly Wrap.

BSL was NOT sold.

ORG was sold and replaced with CBA.

You can always confirm these changes by importing the Public Portfolio into your own version of Beyond Charts and viewing the trade records.

Follow the steps in the screenshots below to import the Public Portfolios.

Hope that helps. And once again, apologies for the confusion.