What to do when my PC has died?

Q. What do I do if my computer dies?

A. A. Please contact support@sharewealthsystems.com and we can free up your license keys for data and the Desktop software.

The main concern is that you should have an accessible backup, either stored away in a cloud product (Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Cloud) or another storage location off the PC that you can grab later. This should be done periodically such as once a fortnight or once a month, by using the Backup / Restore function in Beyond Charts to create a file on your Desktop or another easily accessible location. This is done by choosing a custom location then clicking OK.

You can view a video on the backup and restore process here.

Then it is a matter of manually moving the file to the cloud, a USB stick or you can even email it yourself to retrieve later if size permits.

Remember to always swap back to the Default location after a backup has been done, as Beyond Charts also creates local backups on your PC once you shut down the software.