What is the RSC Scan in my Beyond Charts Profile and how is it different to the ROC Scan?

Q. I’ve noticed an RSC scan as part of my Beyond Charts package and would like to know if it has any relevance to the SPA3 Investor strategy?

A. The RSC Scan is a default scan that comes with Beyond Charts. In simple terms, it measures the performance of an individual stock/ETF against a specific benchmark.

More specifically it compares the Moving Average of those entities to the same Moving Average of a relevant comparison market over a specific look back period. The moving averages, look back period and comparative markets can all be adjusted in the scan profile.

It is important to note however that this default Beyond Charts scan is not the same as the ROC (Rate of Change) Scan.

The ROC scan measures the change in price over the past 126 days and can be used to help prioritize trade entries when there are multiple opportunities but limited positions to fill.

The ROC is referred to as “Ranking” in the SPA3 Investor Scan output. One can choose the highest ranked candidate/s from the scan under these scenarios.