Trademaster symbol addition

Hi team,

these isn’t a thread for Trademaster so I will post here
Can IGV ( USA ETF) be added to Trademaster please ?


Hi Ivan,

It is for historical reasons that these were not included - we actually had no constituents with XASE to begin with in SPA3 Investor.

Going forward with Portfolio Manager this will not be an issue as long as the chart is available within Beyond Charts and it is a valid ETF or Stock.

I will see what can be done to free up TradeMaster capabilities but it will be a little bit of time away until it comes out. Best timeframe would be side by side with Portfolio Manager.

THanks Campbell,

how far away is the new portfolio manager ?

Hi Ivan,

It very recently entered in to Beta phase so it is a few weeks away, assuming that no absolutely crippling flaws are found from our volunteer beta users.

Please understand I cannot give a firm date to the unknown, but the minimum period remaining is 3 weeks.