Thought of the Week - October 5th Ongoing Learning Content Feedback Requested

Good Morning Members,

Yesterday, Gary posted a Forum note explaining how we’re using Youtube as a platform for sharing Educational Content in several playlists.

Each of the playlists have a slightly different focus and so, I’m very keen to hear about the type and style of content you like most and why.

There are a number of examples below to use as a reference for your feedback…. what you like, the style, tone, subjects and why……and what you don’t like, the style, tone subjects and why also.

Your feedback will assist greatly in knowing what type of content and the style you prefer to consume and engage with which we’ll use to help improve the SWS forum.

Example 1: Youtube Channel - Chronicles of a Real Money US Stocks Portfolio

(104) AMZN: Swing Trade Exit Signal | Also: 2 Swing Trading Tips | [2 October 2023] - YouTube

Example 2: Youtube Channel – Active Investor Education The Peaceful Investor

(109) Comparison: Warren Buffett’s Investment Approach vs Price Action Investing Strategy - YouTube

Example 3: Youtube Channel - What’s up with the Markets?

(104) Market Analysis: S&P500 Potential Breakout? | Stock Market Technical Analysis [20 Sept 2023] - YouTube

What other content would you like to see added to the forum, and what format should it be in and why?

Or if you don’t mind sharing, what other platforms are you currently using / reading / watching to get share market info and updates?

We look forward to your very valuable feedback.


My initial thoughts are that YouTube is great for connecting with males and my gut feel is a younger audience skew. Great for lead generation.

For example, during the pandemic my daughter binged on Netflix series etc, while her male flatmate binged on YouTube. My son’s main ‘in-tray’ is his YouTube feed. Whereas for older people, like me, my in-tray is my ‘email inbox’.

As a subscriber, I really appreciate receiving emails and links to the YouTube videos that I can watch on my computer at a time to suit me. I know I get prompts on my phone (with lots of others prompts) – but I’m so old (retired) I prefer to watch on my computer. Whereas younger/employed are more mobile and view on their phone on-the-go.

Email sent in from Emily. (SWS member)