Thinkmarkets broker

Evening Brainstrust,

I have just been looking for a less expensive broker and have found Thinkmarkets. Flat $8 trade up to $200K and own HIN.

Is anyone using them and does anyone have any intel on why you wouldn’t use them?



Note it’s “mobile only” and I prefer to see the big picture on my desktop.
I use SelfWealth ($10) who have recently added US trading ($9.50 USD) to their platform.

Here’s the link for windows or mac downloads for your desktop: MT4 Desktop Version - Trading Platforms | ThinkMarkets | AU
For those interested $8 brokerage includes GST.

Disregard my last comment. The windows platform can only use CFD’s. Graham is correct in that shares must be traded from the mobile app.

Hi Graham,
with SAXO there’s no paper work because they hold the shares I trade. What’s it like with SelfWealth with all the SPA trades?

Chess and HIN. Not too many trades with SPA Investor.
I prefer to have them in my name; just in case!