Tesla (TSLA) 3:1 Stock Split

Tesla (TSLA) has undergone a 3 for 1 (3:1) stock split effective 25th August. This means that if you are currently holding Tesla shares you will now have 3 times more than your original quantity.

As a result of the split the price of each TSLA share has now been diluted by 1/3rd to retain the value of your original holding.

The chart of TSLA has been updated to reflect the stock split’s effect on it’s price.
Investors that have recorded TSLA as a holding in the Portfolio Manager (PM) will now need to update the original trade details.

This is done via the Trade Records section in PM and will mean that the original quantity purchased will need to be increased by a factor of 3 (multiply by 3), and the original price reduced by a factor of 3 (divide by 3).

You may also like to add a comment to this effect via the “journal” panel of the trade record.
Once those changes have been made you can “save” the record.

The original trade value and brokerage paid should therefore remain the same.

This has not caused a signal error, the BAP signal for TSLA is correct.

Brokers and other data services that correctly use adjusted data will display the price change in the near future, if they are yet to do so.