SPA3 Trader New Entries Scan

Hi All,
Wondering if others have experienced an issue when running a SPA3 Trader New Entries Scan today 4-Sep-21. I ran the same scan last night with no issues.

After scanning approx 1200 records a pop up message states that data is missing.


The message in some respects makes no sense saying “The restriction will be lifted after 11/09/2021” .

I did perform a data update and looked for any obvious issues. Everything looked ok. Well at least from my newbie eyes.

SPA3 Investor Equal Weighting Scan does not throw up any errors. Not surprising since it’s scanning less than 50 records.

Ideas and help I can resolve this issue would be appreciated.


Hi Steve try running the repair function in Beyond Charts that usually fixes issues up.

Let us know how you go…pete

Hi Pete,

Thank you, perfect solution, all good!

I ran the " Clear Application Settings"


I had a similar problem, also an issue with Trademaster.
Rebooting my computer solved bot problems.