SPA3 Investor ATR Trailing Stop (ATR_TS)

Q. Is it possible to apply the ATR_TS indicator to any stock? Or does it only apply to the universe of SPA3 Investor stocks?

A. The SPA3 Investor ATR_TS can only be applied to those stocks and ETFs in the SPA3 Investor Universe. It cannot be applied to any stock outside of this list.

There is, however, a generic Trailing Stop indicator that you can apply to any stock in Beyond Charts. Open the Indicators panel on the right-hand side of BC → Search for the ATR Trailing Stop Indicator → Highlight the indicator, then adjust the parameters at the bottom of the panel → double click on the indicator to apply it to a chart.

With that in mind, what you could do is overlay this generic Trailing stop onto a chart with the SPA3 Investor ATR_TS and adjust the parameters until they are quite similar. Then use these parameters when applying the indicator to a stock outside of the universe. They will never be exactly the same, the SPA3 Investor ATR_TS is dynamic and adjusts parameters constantly when certain criteria are met. By contrast, the generic Trailing Stop indicator will take the parameters you assign to it and apply this to the whole history of the chart.