SPA3 Investor ASX Stocks scan - Beta


I ran a SPA3 Investor ASX stocks scan this morning, the scan produced 13 BAPs. I have checked a number of them, and in all cases so far the value of “SPA3 Investor Sentiment Risk” is 0.000. My understanding is, if the SPA3 Investor Sentiment Risk and SPA3 Investor Stock Filter aren’t both 1.000, then we do not take trades?

Hi Paul,

I ran a scan and only see the two sell signals for NAB and TCL for today.

I checked the App also (which is at this stage not using the new filters), and see the BAP’s showing there (including ORG / CSL / ILU / AFI) however, looks like the Market Sentiment risk went to 0 yesterday (29/12), and as such by my (and your) understanding, these are therefore not valid trades right now.

Maybe check you haven’t inadvertently changed any of the scan parameters? (I know I was tinkering and had to check them a few times after making some changes when i got some weird results).

Hope this helps.


Paul & Graeme,

You are both correct. On 29 Dec the Sentiment Risk Indicator was 0. Therefore, no BAP entries to be taken if using the new filter rules.

I just ran a Scan with 29 Dec data and no BAPs were shown.

Check that you SPA3 Investor Parameters for the ASX are set as shown here:

Is the App going to filter these automatically once in production?

Thanks Graeme and Gary

My scan is correct now


Yes, the App will only send filtered alerts when we move from Beta to Final release