Share Wealth Systems BETA Program

Good afternoon all Beyond Charts / SPA3 / SWS Alerts & PM users,

Today, we would like to put a callout to expand on our existing list of highly valued BETA testers.

If you consider yourself an advanced user, would like early access to new features and functionality, and wouldn’t mind reporting any bugs/flaws you may encounter before we release said features out to the rest of our customers - we want you in our BETA program!

At the time of each new Beta release, which is typically a week or two before main release to the balance of Customers, we will send an email that will detail the new functionality, improvements and bug fixes included in the upcoming release. We would ask that you stress test not only the identified changes within the version, but we also ask that you use the product as you would on any given day.

You will appreciate that in order for us to resolve any issues you discover, it is vital that the specifics of the problem are documented in a way that we can quickly understand and investigate them further. When it comes time to reporting any issues found, we would ask you to please detail the manifestation of the problem, the steps that led to it and ideally snapshots of the screen at each step. We understand that you may need to replay the steps to capture the information and we appreciate your efforts in doing so.

If this sounds of interest to you - please fill out the following form, which will add you to the Share Wealth Systems BETA program wait list.

Apply to join BETA Program >>