Sell triggers

Hi all
This does my head in !
Triggered sell on JBH and to fill position buy ILU
About to transact today JBH up approximately 2%
And ILU in negative territory.
I know what your thinking !!!
Is I within rules to stretch out the transaction to allow Buy signal to improve.What do the guru’s do

It doesn’t matter as long as you are consistent. That way it will be 50/50. Trying to pick your timing may work as long as you always do that in a random way. Only downside to that is you will stress yourself out.

Hi Phillip
consistent is a little ambiguous ? Anything more definitive?

Hi Terry, there are no Guru’s.

Our top performing members are those that have surrendered to the mechanical approach and do not question each and every signal. They simply act when they need to and spend less than 15 minutes a week doing so.

They have all worked hard to acquire the mental skills to be able to execute in all manner of market conditions.

What thoughts would you have had if JBH continued to fall and ILU rose sharply?

Anything can happen.

Just as an increase in price on the day you are selling is nice, as is a decrease in price when you are buying, these intraday differences are insignificant over the longer term and watching these moves will only lead to frustration.

15 Minutes a week. That’s it.

Thanks David
For the Slap across the back of my head. To reset

Disclosure. I followed the rules and sold JBH and brought Iluka and still frustrated