SAXO tax feed via Sharesight worth getting

Just considering getting a tax feed for my accountant for international trades, anyone using Sharesight any feedback appreciated is it worthwhile?

I found the link between Saxo and Sharesight to be very unreliable, trades missing which I found really annoying as I couldn’t rely on it. Cancelled them.

Hi Brent,
I have used Saxo for quite a few years. They don’t have a seamless integration with Sharesight, but you can do a manual integration without too much hassle, just keep the date range to a few months rather than years. I just give my accountant read only on my Sharesight portfolios, of which I have four, two being US stocks and US ETF’s, and the accountant doesn’t have any problems.
Saxo have dropped their brokerage considerably for US trades, coming in under Selfweath and Stake even now.