Saracen Mineral Holdings Ltd (SAR.XASX) Delists

Dear Valued Members,

Please be aware that due to the acquisition of Saracen Mineral Holdings Ltd (SAR.XASX) by Northern Star Resources Ltd (NST.XASX), Saracen has been removed from the list of stocks for SPA3 Investor in Australia.

SAR.XASX has delisted from the exchange as a closed trade in the SPA3 Investor methodology and so no action should be required.

However, if any members held SAR.XASX at the time of merger, you would have received 0.3763 NST.XASX shares for every SAR.XASX share previously held. NST.XASX is a listed company in SPA3 Investor and is currently a closed trade. Anyone who has a position in NST.XASX in their SPA3 Investor portfolio should sell immediately.

These changes have been reflected in Beyond Charts and the alerts app has been updated.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like further information.

Thank you,

Vincent Duggan-Jones