Post Covid stock opportunities

I have been thinking about possible stock opportunities post Covid and have drawn up a short list of the sectors that I think should jump out of the starting blocks if and when we get a Covid vaccine.

1/ Travel / Airlines

2/ Entertainment

3/ Animal health

4/ Contact less payments

5/ Medical tech & supplies

6/ Oil & energy

7/ Banks

8/ Resources / Energy

Any ideas or comments on which sector should do better than the other when we get through this?

It’s starting to look like I was right on most of the sectors I originally listed.

It is interesting you said this as maybe watching for a sector to start turning then go through all the stocks in the sector.

I am now using SPA 3 Trader the buys each night are interesting I follow Risk Rule 1 only got to do one trade had to sell due the rules.

Each night I do the scan I was amazed at how many buys came up Friday night.

As I said cannot act, it is testing me…pete

Friday has all the weekly signals
Patience is a virtue