Performance Discussion

Hi in regards to Performance great Webinar in connect and grow 17/3/21.


Hi all, great discussion. Sunday confession, I struggle to follow all the signals to the letter of the methodology. I’m guilty of adding my own layer of what I think ‘might happen’ on occasions especially when drawdown starts. Like most people I hate to see all those beautiful gains get lost so at times I do sell before the signal and not take all the BAP signals.
I’m having a reboot this weekend and looking at all my capital allocations to see how I might reconfigure my investments and trades. Not complete yet but I’m thinking about deviding my capital into more core and satellites with a greater use of ETF’s in the core about reducing my Investor trades position sizes by half so that I can follow the system exactly and stop making ‘override’ calls. The profits and loss will be reduced of course but that may help anxiety and allow me to follow through on the methodology. If I can manage that for a year or two I can then scale back up.

For people new to SWS I can truthfully tell you that where the system really pays for itself when the market freaks out like last year. Having the clear call to action to sell out of your positions and then later re-invest made 2020 my best ever trading year despite everything that went on.

I have the feeling these types of events will happen with greater regularity than the past so having a system that makes those decisions for you is pure GOLD.

Well done Gary and the team, I’ve not been perfect but I’m still trying to improve!

Very interesting read thanks for sharing…pete