Performance after tax

So far I have had a solid year. I wanted to check in and see what the longer term performance of the system has been, taking tax into account.

Realising trades / profits under the year, you dont get the CGT discount, which ends up being a bigish deal if you are investing in the just buy and hold game.


Hi Andre,

The portfolio returns will typically reduce by around 1-1.5% CAR due to taxes needing to be paid on portfolio gains. This assumes that the investing is done via a SMSF setup.
Everyone’s tax situation will of course be different.

Any “Buy and Hold” strategy that doesn’t realise any gains should not be subject to any CGT upon selling after reaching preservation age. Please consult your accountant for exact details on this.

Thanks. Sadly I have the majority of my weath outside of the SMSF. I will have to have a chat with my accountant.