Origin Energy (ASX:ORG)

Hi guys

I was planning an entry on on ORG at the close and wanted to check stop loss on ORG as wondering if it will trigger an exit on same day as entry. I just can’t make out the price level in Beyond Charts.

Hi Nick,

ORG currently sits above our trailing stop.

In terms of the bottom line, as always it’s your call; however, our philosophy as always is to keep it objective.

I hope that gives you some insight into your predicament.

Just curious, why can’t you view the price level of ORG in BC?

Thanks - I can but there was no horizontal red line so wasn’t sure if $5.51 was the true level. Cheers guys

You’re welcome.

Just ensure that your axis markers are turned on if you’d like the exact values of the TS.

Right click on the numbers along the Y-Axis > Show Axis Markers.

Must close @ $5.50 or lower to generate the Sell signal.
Current price $5.55. Even if it drops below 5.51 at 4.00pm you will not know what the closing price will be at match-off. Could be more or less than 5.51. You should write in your plan what you do in these situations. I imagine the public portfolio (if it has an available position) would buy at the closing price at match-off and then resell the following day if it gets a sell signal.

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