New computer

I have installed BC and downloader on new computer but when activating says Limit of installations used. The only other time I have installed is on my laptop to use while travelling on holidays. Anyone know what to do and I know its the weekend so I cant ring the office

Try uninstalling your old computer or your laptop

Hi Trevor,

Give this a try:

On your old computer, open Beyond Charts and go to: Home > License. A window with My Licenses should appear, copy the details (I take and save a screen snip as well) and then Deactivate. Paste the details to a text file of some sort and save it in a location that your new computer can access, like OneDrive or other cloud storage.

On your new computer, open Beyond Charts and go to: Home > License. Enter the license details, as per the copy you made on your old computer, then Activate.

Fingers crossed you’ll be up an running.

Regards, David

Just been through this myself. As far as I understand SWS allow log-in from two computers, but over the years these are easily used up when you change computers, or log in through a 3rd party VPN (records as a separate computer). I didn’t remove Beyond Charts from my old computer but called SWS and they reset my logins and I was able to install on the new computer, make sure everything was running well and only then remove from my old computer.
Good luck

Thanks all.
Appears I can do 2 logins as I have done this before.
Deactivated the old on Th PC and was able to reload on new comp.
Either ring SWS and reset or follow Davids message above works