Maximum Portfolio Value


Is there a maximum limit recommended for a SPA3 Investor portfolio?



Only the level where you are comfortable with the limit.

What about market liquidity considerations?

The SPA3 ASX Equal Weighted Public Portfolio has some guidelines on liquidity. Here’s a direct excerpt from it.

4.2 Liquidity Risk
No position will be taken in any Stock whose daily liquidity averaged over the prior 3 months is
less than 10 x the position size of the individual position. This is a simple precautionary rule that
could be used to help minimise liquidity risk.

You can access the public portfolio investment plans from the home tab in Beyond Charts under the documents section, or within the SPA3 Investor short course in the Education Centre, in the resources and documents section here


To add to Phillip’s and David’s responses, you can manage a portfolio, as I know many of our clients do, of multiple $M.

However, you have to psychologically comfortable handling the large ABSOLUTE dollar position sizes and movements.


Thank you Phillip, David and Gary.

Obviously the portfolio is growing and will benefit from experiences shared. :grin: