Learning Resilience from the stock market

This 3-minute snippet of content, published today, is from the popular interviews that Dave and I did last year, which I think is relevant for a watch every now and then.

IMO, the topic in the clip is timeless.

We are now publishing a lot of content on YouTube. Much of it is education content to sharpen trading mindset skills, and do a show & tell, warts and all, of the SPA3 Investor ASX and U.S. Public Portfolios.

Take a look around the Channel when you get a moment.

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From time to time, we’ll Post a link to a YouTube video here on the Forum.

At the end of the video Dave mentions the The 5 Key Skills for Peaceful Investing online course. It is the same as the one you all have access to in the Education Center, so no need to go to YouTube to follow that link.


Great advice Gary.

With the ASX market being a bit of a “Dog’s Breakfast” at the moment it can be mentally quite challenging for newer members or those still acquiring the necessary mindset.

This of course, won’t happen over-night, and it does take some effort and commitment.

Smooth seas never makes for a competent sailor, however it’s during these types of markets where the opportunity for learning is so rich.

The 5 Key Skills and the Overcoming the 4 Major Roadblocks lessons in the Education Centre should be completed by all members as part of their ongoing development and regularly dipped into when one feels the need for a fillip from time to time.

It’s great fodder for the mind.