IVV Stock Split

What is going to happen with the IVV Stock Split. Should we do anything different with respect to SPA3 and then afterwards ?

Hi Angela,

IVV will undergo a 15:1 Stock Split in December - meaning that Shareholders will receive 15 units for every 1 they currently hold. At this time the actual ETF/share price will also reduce by a factor of 15.

So your overall holding wont change (eg. 5 units at $580 = $2900 will change to 75 @ $38.67 = $2900).

You will need to edit your original BUY transaction within Portfolio manager, by modifying the price (divide by 15) and modifying the quantity (multiplying by 15).

As the price history will automatically adjust within BC once the stock split occurs - the SPA3 Investor system (ATR_TS calculation) will remain unaffected and the signals will remain unchanged (currently an open trade as at this post).

There might be a couple more ETFs in this boat, as I have received notification of IJH will undergo a 10:1 split on the same date.

Kind Regards,