IB - Overnight trading Hours

IB has just approved Overnight trading for some 24 ETF’s some of which are included in the SWS Investor US ETF list.
As we receive Buy or Sell alerts usually during the morning, would it be beneficial to use this facility -
any-ones thoughts?

Are you using IB in the US or here?
The signals for US arrive about 9.30 am so why can’t you put the buy/sell on during the day here so they trigger in the next US session? or you could put on the trade before 8.00am on the following day when the US closes here.

I trade in the US - say 10am Qld = 7pm new york
With this new overnight trading I apparently will deal with a different exchange (IBEOS).
A trade currently / normally entered will go thro a “day exchange” - a night trade entered trade will go through to the night ëxchange" - both are completely separate and one cannot help the other.
Liquidity is not a problem with these ETF’s and so it would be a personal preference as to if I wanted to get in or out ASAP

IBEOS looks to me like a futures market. The futures trade can often be vastly different to the regular trade especially in a volatile environment.
That may be fine, but if you are following SWS, the edge you get may be better or worse. Who would know without backtesting?
Personally, I wouldn’t go there without research.