How to put "EMA of 2 SIROC" on BC chart

In Gary’s December Connect & Grow (about the 42minute mark) Gary discusses the use of a crossover (SIROC 21:8 & EMA) to signal a buy or sell (on bitcoin). I’ve put a SIROC 21:8 on the bitcoin chart but I can’t understand how to do the next bit which is “EMA of 2 SIROC” - is anyone able to instruct me how to accomplish this in Beyond Charts? Thanks Annabella

Hello Annabella
I think I can help you with your request.
Click Indicators / Insert-Overlay / Overlay / and drag the EMA to the SIROC panel at the bottom.
As you mentioned - Gary used the wrong SIROC and he corrected himself should of used SIROC 21.8

Thanks Colin - that worked perfectly :blush:Cheers Annabella