How do you encourage your grown up children to get them interested in SWS Spa3 Investor

I have a grown daughter, son in law and 2 grand children that are going to receive sizable inheritance when I fall of the perch. I have tried to engage with my daughter into the benefits of following Spa3 Investor when I am gone but it appears it is all too much to comprehend.
I have been trading for the last 24 years and have made all the usual mistakes and I would like my daughter and her family to avoid these same mistakes by following Spa3 Investor.
Just how do you get the uninitiated interested.

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Very hard to get Millenials to follow in your footsteps. Set them (daughter & SIL) up with a SMSF (they can’t touch it till retirement) and then run it for a year or two. Try to engage them as you go (you have 2 years to succeed). Once they see their equity curve rising they will eventually come around. Don’t forget to do wills, bdbn’s (with reversionary income streams if applicable etc). If that doesn’t work, tell them it’s either that or the local cat charity will be your only beneficiary.


I have two grandsons aged 19 and 23. I opened two trading accounts and put some money into each. Firstly they were given the book so that they could read what Liam does (I have not read it) and they are expected to follow the notifications blindly. The older boy every now and then might ask if he can buy on a whim for whatever reason and we discuss and I discourage but not always. They have access to the messaging service from SWS and they buy and sell. The money is still in my name as they are students. The younger boy is just starting to get into it. The older was up 15% at one stage but retraced but is still in front. I do not push, I ask every now and then and I also have a look occasionally. Their mother has no interest whatsoever. Hope you find this of interest.

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