DMP Today

Hi everyone out in the country motorcycling have a poor signal had a BUY in on DMP as per signals and absolutely astonished at the fall and yet they had a good report. I am averaged in at over $140. Any comments as to why the big drop, very disappointing.

I guess a Sell tonight.

20% fall ouch.


I also bought on the BUY signal.
This may having something to do with the big drop today.

  • DMP, which holds master franchise rights to Domino’s brand in countries such as Australia and Japan, reported a decline in Japanese sales after pandemic restrictions eased
  • Citi estimates Japan 1H22 same-store sales to fall by 1%
    DMP closed at $116-12, well below the current SWS signal SELL price of $117-51.
    Oh well, I’ll follow the Sell process tomorrow…

That’s all you can do - I don’t hold in my SWS Portfolio but do hold in a Monthly Strategy I use. If you trade for long enough you are bound to get a few ‘smacks across the chops’ from time to time unfortunately.

yes, 20 plus percent after one day is a real slap and hard emotionally, but it is just part of trading
in the long term it will be just a blip, concentrate on the averages over the long term which will work in our favour

Yep, I was hit as well - ouch.
But ‘stick to the strategy’ is the order of the day.

I am glad someone else commented on this one. I see the recommend for a buy does not appear in the Alerts for Tuesday but it was advised, and as there was a sell on ORG many would have sold ORG and bought DMP .
I too have a “slap around the chops” but I am more peeved that this stock is even in the list. I would think there are many SMSF invested with SWS with reasonable balances and the liquidity of this stock (and a few others eg FPH) is so poor. Anyway I have the rest of the day to sell. There are less than 50 shares on the bid side for each line atm.

Hi Trevor,

If a sell signal occurs within 5 days of the buy alert, the buy alert will be removed from the app. This is to avoid the unfortunate event where a member may act in haste on the buy signal only to realise there is in fact a more recent sell signal. (As has happened in the past).

However, if you wish to view the buy signal, this can be done easily via Beyond Charts.

I agree 100% with Wakefield. If you can average in excess of 10 or 15% pa you will be miles ahead after a number of years. Still very annoying : )

We musn’t blame the stock, that is to be diverted from what we are supposed to be doing
remember that the volatiity benefits us enormously, it just doesn’t always go our way
but eg think JHX recently exited at over 90% profit and there are many other examples
to put DMP into context my EQW ASX portfolio ( > 5years) went from 24.13% pa return yesterday to 23.74% pa today after I sold my position in DMP


You have the freedom to exclude DMP from your universe if you wish.

DMP has averaged around $25M to $30M liquidity a day for the last 5 years which should be plenty for long term trading.


DMP will end up being quite a large loss here (circa 2.5% of total equity) but as it’s all in the edge we stay consistent and keep taking the trades as normal.