Connect & Grow - Question and Answer session

You can watch this webinar recording to hear answers to a number of commonly asked member questions listed below. Each question is time stamped in the recording.

Q1. Would you mind discussing in more detail ETF’s as a long term retirement strategy. I currently have iShares S&P mid cap. And is it a good strategy to just have one ETF in my core portfolio or should I look to expanding on this. If so which other ETF’s do you suggest.

Q2. I then have six other Aussie stocks which I execute and sell as per the Spa3 investor signals. I was thinking I could include ETFs in my satellite too, or would you recommend keeping to individual stocks?

Q3. What are your thoughts of a Relative Strength Strategy using a 30 day rate of change scan, rebalancing top five stocks on a monthly basis, rather than the Alert Relative Strength ranking, which I think is working on a 126 day rate of change scan?

Q4. Did you keep your core portfolio during the Covid meltdown, or did you sell everything when the volatility went above 3.5? Second, do you still subscribe to the idea of having a core portfolio retiring at say 60 years of age?

Q5. Should there be a time limit as to how long after the original buy signal I should consider taking BAP entries?

Q6. Why do we continue to trade stocks that have not shown any profitability over the past 5 years according to the signal summary statistics?

Q7. If I have a portfolio through my SMSF and a separate Private Portfolio, should I trade the same stocks (take the same signals) in each portfolio or try to choose different positions?

Q8. If you are trading the US stocks, is it best to convert your AUD into USD once, and then place the USD into your online broker account so that you are not subjected to the daily fluctuations of the currency changes which affect your US open positions?

Q9. What effect does setting Stop-Losses have on the performance of a SPA3 Investor Portfolio?

Q10. Why does Gary continue to host Webinars in which he goes through technical analysis on charts when we are following a mechanical trading system? Does he use this technical analysis in his decision making process when choosing the SPA3 Signals?

Q11. How is the SPA3 Investor ATR_TS superior to the traditional ATR Trailing Stop you find in the indicators panel?

Q12. Will we be adding any more Crypto currency data to Beyond Charts?