Combine ASX ETF's and Stocks into One portfolio?

Hi all.
I currently trade 9 positions on ASX and have just started trading ASX ETF’s with 3 positions. I use one treading portfolio / platform for both, Is there benefit in combining both in BC with both SPA3 Investor scans in the one watchlist. I realise the need to increase positions from 9 to 12 and manually adjust capital allocation accordingly.
Appreciate any feedback

Hi Mark,

Great Question.

The benefit of using the Portfolio Manager and creating two separate portfolios is that you’ll be able to measure the performance of both portfolios separately…even though you’ll have all positions in the one brokerage account.

It allows you to more accurately measure important portfolio metrics (ETF’s V Stock) when you have them managed in separate portfolios in Beyond Charts.

In terms of day to day scanning I think it’s easier to have separate scans, one for the stocks and the other for the ETF’s. Having said that, you can combine them into the one scan but you’ll need to remember to record the trades in the correct portfolios.

Cheers Dave.
Feedback is appreciated and agreed.
Will keep separate in BC.