Charting the New Filters

Many have been inquiring as to why they cannot see the two new filters on their selected Investor stock charts.

The filters are not tied to the button in the chart tab that allows for the display of the SPA3 Investor ATR TS, they are indicators and can be applied from that (Indicators) menu.

There is also a pre-set Overlay found in the SPA3 Investor Ranking sub-section (F4|SPA3 Investor Entry Valid) of the Overlays menu.

You can set scans to automatically chart an Overlay via the Scan Settings menu.

Please be aware that if you have an Analysis set as default to a chart with autoload Analyses set to on (found in chart tab) that it will take precedent over an Overlay. If you are going through a watch list with an overlay applied and the overlay is not showing on a given chart, this is likely the reason. The two easiest methods for this occurrence is to:

  1. Go to Chart (tab at top) > Turn off autoload analyses (no darker grey square around it).

  2. Go to Analysis Manager (default: feature on right hand side) > Find analysis with green tick next to it > right click > clear default.

For a tutorial on applying these filters see the bottom of the Resources section in the Education Centre, linked here: