Beyond Charts New Version - 2.2.2397.0216 || SWS Alerts & PM New Version - 3.1.1

Hi All,

Please be advised that new version’s of Beyond Charts and SWS Alerts & PM APP were released to all customers on February 14th, 2024.

This release primarily focuses on bringing SPA3 Trader into the SWS Alerts & PM APP for SPA3 Trader licensed users.

SPA3 Trader customers will be able to toggle between default SIROC parameters per exchange as well as toggling Lighten & Pyramids on/off.

SPA3 Investor customers can now also toggle BAPs on/off, as well as Stock Filter on/off within SWS Alerts & PM APP.

You’ll also be able to now sync non-SPA3 Investor portfolios into your APP (SPA3 Trader and Self Directed portfolios)

SWS Alerts & PM APP

If your smartphone does NOT automatically update APPs - you need to open the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android), search for SWS Alerts & PM and manually ‘Update’.

Beyond Charts:

To obtain this upgrade please open Beyond Charts, leave it open for a few minutes, then close and reopen.

If successful, you will be prompted by the software to allow changes, please click “Yes.”

Release Date:

• 14/02/2024

Version Number:

• Beyond Charts: 2.2.2397.0216
• SWS Alerts & PM: 3.1.1

General Improvements:

• [APP] SPA3 Trader Alerts NOW AVAILABLE for licensed users.
• [APP] SPA3 Trader Market Risk added to Alerts screen.
• [APP] SPA3 Trader Portfolios NOW AVAILABLE for licensed users.
• [APP] Self Directed Portfolio NOW AVAILABLE.
• [APP] Next Position Size field added to SPA3 Investor Portfolios.
• [APP] AutoFill Qty on Buy ticket for SPA3 Investor Portfolios, based on Next Position Size calculation.
• [APP] Move % added to STATUS screen stocks.

Bug Fixes:

• [BACKUP/RESTORE] Fixed automatic backup not including PM & SIM databases
• [PM] Save ATRVE, market risk and sector risk during trade or import.
• [CHART] Fixed delay in AutoSave analysis within certain watchlists.
• [PM] Fixed duplicate methodology not allowing trades in certain scenarios.
• [TRADE] Fixed error when acting on Trader result in Self Directed Portfolios.
• [TRADE] Fixed scenario where Insufficient Equity warning would not display.

Feel free to check the Version History for full details of this release.

As always, we are keen for feedback on features and requests you might have to improve your use of Beyond Charts. Please don’t hesitate to put your suggestions forward.