Beyond Charts New Version - 2.2.2381.1016

Hi All,

Please be advised that a new version of Beyond Charts was released to all customers on October 12th, 2023.

To obtain this upgrade please open Beyond Charts, leave it open for a few minutes, then close and reopen.

If successful, you will be prompted by the software to allow changes, please click “Yes.”

Release Date: 12/10/2023

Version Number: 2.2.2381.1016

General Improvements:

  • [SPA3 Trader] Release of SPA3 Trader into the Portfolio Manager.
  • [SPA3 Trader] Public Portfolios renamed and available to import within PM.
  • [PM] Maximum Drawdown % calculation improvement.
    • Now uses the Time Weighted Return method between capital events.
  • [PM] Expectancy added as a plottable indicator on portfolio chart.
  • [PM] Export now available for Values screen statistics.
  • [PM] Capital Injections and Capital Withdrawals added to statistics.
  • [PM] New Positions statistics:
    • Max Consecutive Profits/Losses,
    • Largest $ Profits/Losses,
    • Largest % Profits/Losses.
  • [PM] Can now search by name OR code within New Trade window.
  • [CHART] Added Move (% & $) to Value line.
  • [SCANS] Modified default Scan list order.
  • [WATCHLISTS] Added ‘ASX Exchange Traded Fund’ Industry WL.
  • [WATCHLISTS] Tidied up some naming conventions within Industry WLs.
  • [DEMO] Tweaks and workflow improvements.

Bug Fixes:

  • [PM] Scroll bar fixed on Values for smaller screens.
  • [PM] TWR method now handles multiple same day capital events.
  • [SPA3 Trader] Removed the installation of TradeMaster for new installations moving forward.
  • [CHART] Fixed axis label not showing on chart load for certain indicators.
  • [CHART] Fixed trend line thickness when loaded with Ribbon.
  • [CHART] Fixed analysis couldn’t apply for securities with period in its name.

Feel free to check the Version History for full details of this release.

As always, we are keen for feedback on features and requests you might have to improve your use of Beyond Charts. Please don’t hesitate to put your suggestions forward.