Beyond Charts New Version - 2.2.2360.0830

Hi All,

Please be advised that a new version of Beyond Charts was released to all customers on August 29th, 2023.

To obtain this upgrade please open Beyond Charts, leave it open for a few minutes, then close and reopen.

If successful, you will be prompted by the software to allow changes, please click “Yes.”

Release Date: 29/08/2023

Version Number: 2.2.2360.0830

General Improvements:

  • [BACKUP/RESTORE] ‘Send to Support’ option added to assist Support Desk.
  • [NOTES] Columns can now be resized.
  • [PM > Positions] Additional columns added:
    • GICS Sector,
    • ICB Industry,
    • Move,
    • Payout Ratio,
    • Volume,
    • Turn Over,
    • Franking,
    • 52 Week High/Low,
    • 52 Week High/Low dates.
  • [PM > New Trade] Cost & Price arrows now increment by 1c.
  • [PM > Statistics] Sharpe Ratio added.
  • [SPA3 Investor > Overlays]:
    • F3 modified to ROC89 (from ROC126),
    • F4 Sentiment Risk removed (Stock Filter remains),
    • F8 ASX benchmark added ($XJOA),
    • F9 USA benchmark added ($SPXTR).

Bug Fixes:

  • [PM > Records] $0 trade cost appearing on editing a trade.
  • [PM > Statistics] Date Filter Calculation fixes:
    • Net Profit $,
    • Maximum Drawdown %,
    • Index Maximum Drawdown %,
    • Current Drawdown %,
    • Index Current Drawdown %.
  • [PM > Records] Fixed editing a Sell to a Buy wouldn’t remove the Sell trade.
  • [PM > Values] Open Positions gauge fix for Self Directed portfolios (no MM).

Feel free to check the Version History for full details of this release.

As always, we are keen for feedback on features and requests you might have to improve your use of Beyond Charts. Please don’t hesitate to put your suggestions forward.