Beyond Charts; Glitches Problems & Requests

Instead of continually sending user requests into Support, I will start a list here as follows, and I encourage others to add theirs or make comments. Don’t get me wrong I like Beyond Charts and the built-in System scans, it’s more incredible than many other chart & scanning software I’ve used :slight_smile:

Requests for consideration:
a) Control Z to undo a deleted line or indicator on a chart. At times I get a bit clicky and accidentally delete an indicator, only if there were an undo, would save having to re-insert, organise & set up the colours etc.
In addition to setting up symbols, colours and line colours for custom written formulas; could this all be done in formula editor under Formula Properties sheet.

b) No overlapping indicator labels on right side chart index. With auto contrasting labels for when you have a lighter colour indicator and the label marker is also light coloured. Or have two indexes one left, one right to separate overlaid indicators.

c) Wider colour gamut pallet for all chart colour selections like backgrounds, grids, indicators.

d) Enlarge single indicator panel under price chart, or full size window; helpful for reading fine line conversions when there are more than 2 indicator panels.

e) Smaller Triangle symbol set.

f) Chart period buttons Day Week Month buttons on the chart window.

g) Equi-volume charts.

h) Be able to reference system indicators for use in Beyond Charts Formula Editor, for example; SIROC, ATR Trailing Stop, Base Reference.

a) I cannot, for some reason, use Auto Save for Analyses as it will recall very old chart setup overlays that have been deleted long ago. This means I have to save manually the chart analyses. I would like to see any analysis be designed in such a way that it reflects other modern chart packages to recall lines on all charts without any user input. Inline with this; a slim toolbar for lines and symbols etc. on the chart for quick use.

b) I’ve noticed when the Overlays slots F1 to F11 are full the overlays get overwritten by other slots and lost. So I always leave 1 empty slot which seems to stop this problem. Further to the Overlays; could there be more slots allocated? Maybe enough to cover the ASX300 index list of 14, so 15 or 20 slots?

c) Workspace organisation; would like to better organise Workspaces to order them on the toolbar line, so they keep their positions.

d) Favourites; although I don’t used favourites as yet, preferring to use Overlays panel, when I did set up some shortcuts I was unable to delete them, there is probably a way to delete but it defeats my efforts as a simple to do process, they remain there still having tried several times to remove them. Could there be a form sheet to list all listed favourites to easily organise or delete them?

e) Have a ‘check’ toggle box for Column Chooser so your selection can be recalled next time you open a Data sheet. I have to hide and select from the Columns and Chooser on a daily basis.

f) Link in the Market & Sector Risk status data into the Column Chooser selection panel to add the market and sector risk info into non system scans; so for example $XEJ (State=High, and otherwise Low) is represented in the data sheet for all stocks in that sector. Thus adding Sector Risk status to the Formula editor for use in showcol().

g) I get chart critical errors daily, I normally just ignore them as they are non-descript and don’t interrupt work flow, or otherwise close the chart and re-open a new one. But there are chart glitches that relate to saved formula re-names or FMLVAR name changes within the formula that cause a great deal of chaos in the chart, and are tricky to track down if you have more than a few formulas being referenced in charts. A List sheet for the references in the charts would help there that highlighted where the problem is.
In addition to above; use a numbered line list in the formula editor that would be used to source formula errors.

John, Re: d) Removal of Favourites Indicators. Once you have loaded a chart you can right-click the indicator in the Favourites panel that you want to delete and a box comes up asking to Rename or Delete.

I get ‘Minimise the Ribbon’ only when I right-click the tab itself, and nothing when I right-click the shortcut button.

Correction: the Favourites top bar needs to be dropped down or pinned via the ‘V’ button for the Remove menu to appear, which is not how I have my charts. I do all navigation via the side panels.
Thanks for brining this to me attention I shall do a clean-up.

d) could be replaced with a side menu favourites menu?

Hi John,

Thank you for the feedback. We’re happy to take on suggestions to try improve the software. Your requests have been passed through to the development team. However, with Portfolio Manager taking top priority at the moment, it is unlikely any feature requests will be implemented before the year end.

Just quickly on that note, suggestion d) “Enlarge single indicator panel under price chart, or full size window; helpful for reading fine line conversions when there are more than 2 indicator panels.

This is already possible, unless I am misunderstanding something?

Could I ask that you please email with a suitable time for one of the team members to contact you? This way we can work through this and the other glitches you are experiencing in real-time, rather than go back and forth on the forum.

Kind Regards,
Vincent Duggan-Jones

One addition would help centralise things is to have personal Investment Plans within the system under Home > Documents > My Investment Plan. Which could be editable in Formula Editor.

Good day John,

Refer to the attatched screen shot, the highlighted button allows you to save to a watch list when scrolling through charts.

It’s a little bit dated, but for general edification the Tutor Me Portal is a great resource for further learning of Beyond Charts functionality. Please note, you will need to enable Flash in your browser settings to view the Tutor me videos.

If you have any specific enquiries, please email them through to and one of our Team members can assist you directly.

Kind Regards,

Thanks, completely overlooked that button.
Was going to delete the post because I realised you can drag and drop from Securities Explorer to a pinned open Watch List.