AXON trade

HI Guys - I took the AXON signal to buy yesterday & today there is a sell segnal on AXON - just wondering what/why this quick buy/sell signals came about? Thanks Annabella

Axon Enterprise reported first-quarter earnings and sales that beat Wall Street estimates and the Taser maker increased 2023 guidance, but gross margins in the quarter declined, sending the stock over15% lower. It happens, it’s all part of the game …

Yeah I hold this via a different strategy - all part of it I am afraid.

Here is the reason according to The Motley Fool: Why Axon Stock Got Hammered Today | The Motley Fool

One of the problems of putting an order on before you go to bed. The suggested rule is that you buy at or near the close. I didn’t trust myself to wake up before 6.00 am so I put the buy on for $1 above the stop just in case there was a bad CPI number. It was a good number, but anything can and does happen. :man_shrugging:

can you access a Market on Close order Phillip?

No, I trade with Schwab. I can set market at open, but not close afaik

Anything Can Happen in the market and sometimes even what appears on the surface to be good news can be interpreted quite differently by the market and vice-versa.

Consistency and a long term “over the horizon” perspective helps in these instances. There will undoubtedly even be cases where bad news gives rise to boost in price but we have no idea when.

The example US Public Portfolios place trades “Market On Close” (MOC) and is documented in their Investment plans here.

Research has shown the benefit of placing MOC orders in the US, and this was discussed in the live Connect & Grow sessions and recorded for member viewing. You can view the recordings here

This type of order can be actioned within the SAXO platform for any members using this broker for US trades. Other US brokers may also allow this type of order.

In this instance a MOC order would have triggered at the closing price of $192.73, some $30 below the market open. Now that an exit signal has triggered, a Sell order MOC would be placed to take effect the next trading day.

Keep in mind that if the stock opened down for the day but closed up by $30, then a MOC order would have worked against you. However, the research does show that it is beneficial to use MOC orders over the longer term for US based Portfolios.


I called Schwab about MOCs some time ago and, from memory, they said I could only put on a MOC order by calling them and would be charged USD 25.

Thanks for the tip Bill. I think I will have to become an early riser. It will be more profitable. :joy:

Hi guys,
I use the Schwab app for all trade open/close, and MOC is just a drop down option and zero cost.


Thanks Adrian. No more early mornings for me!

I didn’t know Schwab had an app. I down loaded it and found the MOC entry in the menu. It wasn’t obvious, and I had to scroll down to find it.


Unfortunately there is no Schwab app for a Samsung.