Are financial markets living in a bubble of Lalaland?

LiveWire article suggest markets are living in a Lalaland bubble?

Are the equity markets presently sustainable where Bonds and Interest rates are soo low, and investors seeking better returns than traditional safe yielding investments, does this mean equity markets will be the focus for better returns?



If we spend a few hours researching answers to these two questions you will find plenty of evidence to answer yes to both questions:
Q1. Are markets living in a Lalaland bubble? (Implying a big fall is imminent, we just don’t know when.)
Q2. Are markets in a strong bull market that could continue for many months with shallow dips?

“You don’t need to know what’s going to happen next to make money in the market.” (Fundamental Truth No 2 - Mark Douglas).

The SWS approach is that we keep investing with the trend until it ends according to the timeframe in which we invest. Free of “noise”, opinion and conjecture.

We know it’s ending (in the timeframe in which we invest) when we get methodical, objective exit signals. And we end up totally in cash if there are no subsequent entry signals to fill the vacant positions.