Allocation of SWS Data fees in SPA3 Investor

This has probably been discussed previously but can someone please advise me where I can allocate my Annual Data fee in SPA3 Investor so that I may obtain a truer picture of my portfolio’s performance, ie nett after fees.

Hi Gary,

You can allocate the subscription as a “fee” in the adjustments section of TradeMaster and add a note as a reminder of the fee.

I looked at doing that but I had to put in a share code and tax with held amount so I was unsure. All good now thanks.
This leads me to ask why there are no fee amount for SWS data shown in Ian’s Investment Portfolio??
Also to truly reflect the performance of my SMSF portfolio against my bench mark’s of the S&P500 Accumulated and Ian’s Investment Portfolio, should I include the costs of my annual SMSF Tax return and audit costs??