4 Week Process and Mindset Training Intensive

This week I received a buy signal on Tesla and duly executed the trade. This is a stock that I have a definite (adverse) opinion on and in the past I probably would have gone yeah/nah/pass and waited for another signal but I’m now in the trade and unattached to the outcome. This a significant shift for me as I have frequently skipped trades by applying my own personal view filter after the SWS filter so the 4 week intensive is still working on me thanks Gary & David :joy:

Thank you for sharing this.

But as you know from James Clear & Mark Douglas, ‘shifts’ in any skill do not stick unless they are continued to be practiced. Beware the sample of one, two or a few.

IMO it is important for us (meaning the species :slight_smile: ) publicly, in some way, to discuss shifts, especially significant ones, that we make. It cements our commitment to keep on keeping on in our new direction. And to slowly but surely energise new functional beliefs and habits, while de-energising the old unhelpful sabotaging ones.

That can be achieved by telling an accountability buddy (family, friend, colleague). And even by posting here on the SWS Forum.

I trust that you also wrote this in your Trading Journal too. Which can be as simple as using the Comments section in the Portfolio Manager.

To take it further, think about and write why you had such a definitive adverse opinion against Tesla. It might help eke out other sabotaging beliefs to do with your trading.

Thanks Gary I’ll do that