Pending Nvidia 3-for-1 Stock Split

With the upcoming 3-for-1 Stock Split scheduled for the 21 June, does anyone have an opinion on what one should do if Nvidia Corp. is held in a SPA3 Investor portfolio. My concern is the immediate impact on the price forcing a Sell signal resulting in a significant stumble. Does anyone else have any similar concerns … Trevor

The split and lower price won’t in itself cause a sell signal, as the data and prices will be adjusted to reflect the change…

Hi Phillip and thank you for your response

yes, helpful to me too, thanks Phillip


Our data supplier has been excellent with splits and consolidations over the years with the adjustments being applied on the day so you won’t notice any difference to the chart, only that the price on the Y axis will be different.


Thanks Gary and that’s good to know for any future, possible splits

How do we adjust the quantity & price for NVDA in Trademaster & in Portfolio Manager following the 3 for 1 stock split? Do we enter a sell of the old quantity at the old price and then a buy at the new quantity and price?

Hi Gary,

Gary has just edited the SPA3 Investor - US Equal Weighted Stocks No 2 Public Portfolio a short time ago to reflect the 4-for-1 (not 3 for 1) stock split.

He simply edited the original buy from the 3rd May 2021, multiplying the original buy price by 0.25 and dividing the original qty by 0.25. This reflects the same trade value executed with Saxo back on the 3rd of May.

Note: You may need to expand the buy price to more than 3 decimal places to get an exact match as he has done.

Feel free to download the latest version of this PP into your own PM via the IMPORT button within the Portfolio section of the Portfolio Manager ribbon.

Any questions - please don’t hesitate to ask.

Hi Karl,
Have you got those changes around the correct way? - creating fewer shares and a higher price at the date of purchase?

Thanks Don - I did muddle the order of my reply there. Price adjusted down. Have edited my reply. Here is a screenshot of the edited open position in the PP:

Thanks for making it very clear Karl.