Ark invests Exchange Traded Funds

Hi SWS team. I really like Cathie Wood’s Ark invest ETF funds. She’s focused on all the innovative companies likely to be the owners of the future. Give the nature of the companies they hold in each of the 4 key ETF funds they can be volatile and pullbacks could be 30-50%, there is one going on currently.

I’d love to have SWS investor timing on these ETF, is there any chance it might be something the team might consider. I do believe these 4 ETF, ARKK, ARKQ, ARKG, ARKW have the potential to be major wealth winners for members.

Yes would be interesting. Some ESG Funds have done well maybe too well.


Not at this stage. A minimum of 10 years of data with sufficient trading turnover is necessary to conduct research to establish timing of Buys and Sells. This typically captures 2 solid retracements and runups for stocks and indices with > an average of $1M of daily trading turnover.

Cathy Wood’s ARK funds where listed in 2014 but only achieved an average of > than $1M of daily trading turnover in 2H 2017.

BTW, SPA3 Investor stocks like NVDA, TSLA, AMD and MELI have performed better than ARKW since October 2014, the best performer of the 4 x ARK funds.

Others like AMZN and AXON have matched ARKW’s performance over the same period.


Thanks for the prompt response Gary, that’s commitment on a Sunday night!

I appreciate individual stocks will most likely outperform an ETF but it does help you avoid single company risk and still give access to 50 or so amazing business in each fund, some of whom I hold as individual stocks as well and they’ve done very well indeed.
Im thinking I might use QQQ timing as a mechanism to have some aspect of timing to these ETFs as core long term holdings.

For those interested I’ve realised Tesla is a pretty close alternative to the ARK ETF’s, not surprising I guess as it’s the largest stock holding in most of the funds.Maybe it’s easier to just take the TSLA trade that’s just come up overnight!

Hi Tim and all. Im also interested in Ark’s style of investing in disruption. People may be interested to also know of an ASX listed ETF that covers a similar area. The code is ACDC (very australian) and it comprises 30 very large global compainies all involved in multiple aspects of the battery supply chain. So these are battery companies, mining companies, EV manufacturers etc. The ETF should have reasonable growth given the sector it tracks. Interestingly they also just paid an annual dividend today of approx 7% unfranked. However this is over 3 times last years dividend and its unclear to me if this is largely attributable to post covid growth or if there are some one off factors involved - so bear that in mind.

Steve Nelson